Jigglr Best Dating App Of 2020

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Dating App with a Gaming Dimension. Play, Break the Ice, Date.

Jigglr is a dating app to celebrate your individuality. It is an app for those who know they’re unique, and want to rejoice in the uniqueness of others.

They’ve created a system designed to help you break the ice with others based on ideas and thoughts before clearly viewing their pictures. Not a single boring conversation (or at least this is what they claim) ever takes place on Jigglr.

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Pros Vs Cons


  • Free to download.
  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Easy to get started, with minimal profile information required.
  • Easy to use, with a friendly interface.
  • Instant conversation topics thanks to the multi-option question features.
  • Requires users to engage depending on personality and wit, instead of on clear pictures at first.
  • The chat allows users to send pictures, videos, and voice notes.
  • A variety of filters will enable you to find users ordered by closeness, gender, or whatever preference you have before interacting.
  • You can start interacting with people more quickly than traditional dating sites.


  • The ‘no clear pictures from the beginning’ feature might be a deterrent for some.
  • Cannot import information from other social media apps.
  • Not much information provided about the match before you meet – users don’t have bios.

How the Dating App works

Jigglr works by matching people that cannot, at least at first, see each others’ pictures clearly. Users instead see a ‘puzzled’ version of the other’s photo. When joining, users are to select a multi-option question that they feel describes them, as well as their preferred answer to this question. Thanks to this, when others choose their profiles from an array of ‘puzzled’ images (which can be filtered by distance, interests, gender, preferences, etc.), they’ll have to answer this question. Once a user receives a notification that another responded to their question, they’d be able to see their answer, and choose or not to answer the other’s question. This is meant as both a clever filtering tactic and an instant ice-breaker since the questions are cheekily phrased to provide users with conversation topics. Thanks to this unique, organic approach to dating, we’ve decided to call Jigglr 2020’s hottest dating app!

History and Mission of the Dating App

Jigglr was launched during the 2020’s COVID-19 crisis, a brave decision by anyone’s standards. Counterintuitively, doing so proved to be the right move for the application, since the app has seen an exponential increase in usage and popularity ever since going public. 

Jigglr‘s creators have publicly stated that they created the app due to the ‘boredom of seeing the same trends in dating and social media’, which tend to optimise for engagement and encourage users to create an ‘over-produced, even fake’ image of themselves. Through Jigglr, the team aims to capture the pure romantic pleasure of meeting someone for the first time in real life, exploring people one at a time and dedicating (even briefly) time to them individually, as opposed to ‘mindlessly swiping pictures away’. 

2020’s hottest dating app seems to have paved its way to success. We’re certainly excited to see if they can take the mainstream’s #1 place, both in our hearts and minds!