MOMO Best Dating App Of 2011


MOMO is a location-based mobile application. The Dating app was launched by means of a location-based platform. MOMO, is one of the leading open social platforms in China.

Within the App, you can reveal yourself through video, text, voice, and pictures. You can discover people that are within a specific location nearby, based on your geographic location. Members are able to join nearby groups, and establish real, effective, and healthy social relationships.

This dating app was established in 2011 and was listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on December 11, 2014. The app ‘s vision is to hope that people can discover the beauty, and novelty around them, through the mobile Internet, and to let people connect with those who have similiar interests. In May 2018, MOMO completed the acquisition of 100% equity in Tantan.

Pros Vs Cons


  • This app has many interesting games for users, to play online.
  • It is the most vibrant and engaging hookup dating app in China.
  • It has more than 812,000 reviews on iTunes, already and most of its reviews are very positive; because its members truly love it.


  • A lot of people join this dating app in order to play video games, with other gamers, instead of looking for hookups.
  • The app is actually highly addictive, in a surprising way, because of its special features; such as live streams and short videos.
  • If you can’t understand Chinese, this dating app is basically useless for you. So if you don’t speak their language and you expect to hook up with a Chinese lover, you are definitely a dreamer; because the majority of Chinese don’t speak English.

MOMO Growth

In December 2011, the app announced reaching half a million users. Three months later, the number of users reached 2 million. MOMO reached 10 million users on its first anniversary, in August 2012. 

In October 2012, the app surpassed 15 million users. In 2014, App Annie reported that MOMO was the number 2 non-game app of 2013, in terms of revenue. In February 2014, TechNode reported that MOMO had announced reaching 100 million registered users.

The app’s executives also claimed they had reached 40 million Monthly Active Users (MAU). According to MOMO dating App in June 2014, total registered users and MAU reached 148 million, and 52.4 million respectively. China Internet Watch reported more conservative estimates.

In the months of August and September 2014, the app had 51.279 and 52.101 million MAU. MOMO’s MAU grew, Wechat and QQ both lost MAU, within the same time frame. MOMO’s prospectus reported 60.2 million MAU in September 2014.

Products & Services of MOMO

MOMO’s mobile application is available on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. It enables users to establish and expand their social relationships based on similar locations and interests.

Some features of the application include subsections like: nearby events, users, groups, message boards, and topics.

MOMO users can send multi-media instant messages, as well as play single and multi-player games, within the app’s platform. Users also make Facebook-like profiles, and are encouraged to include as much information as possible.

MOMO execs claim that this allows their software to create accurate matches with nearby strangers. The app is claimed to “sift” through the clutter of mobile internet users to find personalized matches for users.

As of September 30, 2014, there were 2.3 million paid subscriptions. This dating app, like many other instant messaging services, has integrated mobile games into their platform; to monetize off their large user base.

Third parties develop games and revenues from in-game purchases shared between MOMO and the developers. In August 2014, MOMO launched Doa Dian Tong, a marketing tool for local merchants. Through Dao Dian Tong, local businesses and merchants can construct profile pages that allow MOMO users to find them with MOMO’s LBS.

MOMO key takeaways

MOMO remains the top online dating company in China, and its stock is cheap and meets Wall Street‘s expectations. However, investors should do their homework, and realize that intense government crackdowns, or competition from rival platforms, could still unexpectedly derail its growth..

MOMO Packages

1 Month

RMB 12

3 Months

RMB 30

6 Months

RMB 60

12 Months

RMB 108